25 Places to Look for Writing Ideas


ideasHow many times have you been stuck? How many times have you realized that it is time to update your blog or start your next book but did not have any idea what to write about?

When you get to that stage you recall the unexplainable term called writer’s block and use it as an excuse. Well, I personally don’t believe in writer’s block to be honest. Even more, I think writer’s block have only the writers, who believe that it exists. I truly believe that there are always things to write about and you just have to look around and pay attention.

So where could you get ideas about topics you could write about? I came up with a list, which may help you come up with your own list of topics to write about.

1. Blogs

Look at the blogs in your niche. See which are the most popular posts there? What are they about? Write up a blog post about the same subject but from your personal point of you.

2. Magazines

It’s the same as for blogs. Leaf through magazine articles and see what you can find there.

3. Books

Both fiction and non-fiction books can be source of many different topics and thoughts.

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17 Signs That You Are a Writer


WriterBefore I became a writer my life was not as it is now. Things were different. Now my lifestyle has changed and looking back I realize that I have obtained new habits that are more common among writers. Life values and priority lists have been revised and changed as a result.

So what is it that most of the writers do? What is in common among them? What are the different facts we all share together?

I tried to come up with a list of things that might be signs that you are a writer.

1. You are avid reader

You read a lot. You read almost everywhere. Your book or ereader is always with you and you read in cabs, in the park, in waiting rooms…

2. You own many journals

You have journals of all possible shapes, colors and sizes. You have even more than you can use. And you love all of them.

3. You can’t walk past stationary shop

No matter how many journals you have you never miss the opportunity to check a stationary shop. And you always buy something from there. You just can’t resist that nice red pen or the cute notepad.

4. You take pen and notepad everywhere with you

You always carry a pen and journal or notepad with you. You never know when the idea will hit you and have to make sure that when it does you have a place to write it down.

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Defining Success



Who doesn’t want to be successful?

Yup, that’s what I thought. No one.

 These days there are many talks about becoming successful, not giving up after failure, getting there, striving for perfection and such. All that is supposed to motivate and encourage…

 But sometimes, just the opposite happens.

Sometimes reading all those articles and coming back to where you are at that moment may make you even more depressed.

 Why is that?

I think it is because many self-development authors contribute to the stereotyping of the meaning of success. The same thing does the TV, the media and the society.

If you ask around about who is successful many will somehow come up with the names of celebrities, rich businessmen, top managers or well-known people.

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Jump Higher and Succeed!


“There are no limits. There are only plateaus, and you must not stay there, you must go beyond them.” Bruce Lee

Today I would like to tell you about one scientific experiment, which can explain a lot about our society and it’s effect on personal behavior.

At the beginning of the experiment a number of fleas are placed in a jar. The natural reaction of the fleas is to jump out. After that a glass lid is placed on the top of the jar. Now the fleas fly high, hit the lid and fall back down into the jar. After a short time fleas adjust and begin jumping lower – until they start jumping slightly below the glass lid, in order not to hit it anymore. After three days the glass lid is removed. Since the fleas had already learnt to limit themselves from jumping high, they staid in the jar and there was no longer a lid needed to keep them inside. Continue reading

What Is a Cynic? (or Price vs Value)



What is a cynic? A man who knows the price of everything and the value of nothing.” Oscar Wilde  

These days most of the things in our life have price tags.  It feels like almost nothing is free anymore. There are price tags in the shops, there are price tags converted into different bills you receive and there are even price tags on people, according to the salary figures they receive.

That is why many are certain that if they had more money they would be happy. Probably that is why most of us set goals, which will eventually lead us to higher income. But of course everything has its price and different sacrifices are made along the way.

 But is it really what you want? Money? Only money? <—- Tweet this

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What Are You Doing?


We are all back from the Christmas magic and New Year festivities to the reality. Now – after many relaxed days, parties and gatherings we all are back to the routine. And it is difficult. Most of us did not miss the work or other personal responsibilities. Kids are unhappy about going back to school.

Why is that?

I think that it’s because most of us do things that we do not enjoy. Things that are not part of our passion or life vision… Most of the things we do are obligations. Their purpose not always fits with our dreams and desires.

Yesterday (like any other day) I was reading and came across a story, which looked so true to me. In just few words it delivered a wise message. I’d like to share it with you too. Continue reading

Wishes and Messages for 2014



These days many blogs have a year wrap-up posts. They also state different New Year resolutions. Initially I thought about that too, but then decided against that.


Well partly because everyone else was doing it, so it was no longer original and creative and mostly because I don’t think people should wait for the New Year in order to make resolutions or initiate changes.

With each year we all want to become better. We are looking for progress, improvements and success. With each coming year we want to be closer to our goals and dreams.

We are already old enough to know the truth about the Santa and know that he won’t make our dreams come true, like he did back in your childhood. Now we have to act and walk towards our dreams. For that we all need to do some things and avoid doing other things.

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Reaching Happiness


imagesNote: Today I was at Tedx Talks in Yerevan. As always, it was a day full of inspiration, fresh ideas and extraordinary people. Some of the speeches were about life changing experiences, happiness and courage. They made me recall my own relatively recent experience. I realized that I never shared it in my own blog. The only time I addressed the topic was when I wrote a my guest post at Simpler Life Today a while  ago. So under the Tedx impressions I thought that it is worth re-posting the story in this blog too. Here it is:

Working for multinational telecom company had become my main goal and one fine day I was actually hired.

When I got my dream job my life made completely new twist.

Our company was launching in new country, which meant that everything was completely crazy, extremely stressed and terribly fast.

I faced a big challenge and was entirely absorbed by the job, which kind of eliminated all other aspects of my life. Continue reading

How to Detect Exciting and Powerful Fiction


Before books looked more-less the same and they were sold only in book stores…

Now they are not only on your shelves as hard covers, but also in your e reader, computer, iPad and on USB.

For a nice book you no longer need put on your clothes and go the nearest bookstore. You just need internet access and a click.

At the same time the self-publishing concept has emerged. That gave the opportunity for hidden talents to become visible, but at the same time some bullshit content to come up too…

What are you looking for while starting reading a book?

What should the book be like in order to be considered as a good one?

I think that there are no right or wrong answers.

Here is my humble opinion

Joy – you have to enjoy the process of reading. You should not read because it’s a classic and most of the world tells it’s good. You should read because you enjoy it a lot. You may find a piece of treasure no one has heard about, which may become source of great joy for you.

Interest – if you get the need of jumping through few pages and/or skipping long discriptions then the book is not interesting enough and most probably is not worth the time. In best case I would just scan it fast and get to another one.

Escaping the Reality – if you are completely out of reality when you read the book and you are inside the story with all your attention then it’s the book worth sinking into. Continue reading

The Day I Started Breathing Words


Writing_by_Aperturebladesphoto by Apertureblades

Note: I am participating in the ‘Writing Contest: You Are A Writer’ held by Positive Writer.” – See more here

I was only 16. For the 4th time already we took our suitcases and moved to a new country. Usually I was adapting quite easy but this time it was harder. I think it was because this time I did not like where we were and was intentionally refusing to adapt.

As a result I felt isolated and depressed. I am saying this because I believe that the state of writer’s soul has profound impact on what he writes.  The state of my soul made me start to write.

It was yet another ordinary day. I sat at the kitchen table and doodled. For the record, I cannot draw at all, so all I did was put lines and circles on paper in pretty chaotic manner. It looked stupid.

Then I started writing different English words on top of that mess. Now the paper looked even worse. I have no clue why English was the language that I came up with, since it was not my mother tongue and I did not know it very well back then. Continue reading